Grow your law firm with our law business consulting

At Time for Life, LLC our driving force is efficiency. We help you do what you do better by helping you get more clients, more profits, and more free time. We focus on helping you do these things so you have more TIME FOR LIFE.

We provide our law firm consulting services on a flat fee monthly retainer ranging from diagnosis to full implementation and flat fee project basis.  We work with you online or in person.  You are the client. You choose the option that works best for you and your law firm.





We help you design a clear path to where you want to take your law firm.
We work with you to:
  • Create a business development roadmap including short and long term goals for your law firm.
  • Assess the feasibility of your existing business attraction and retention efforts.
  • Develop a law firm vision and a marketing initiative.
  • Design implementation plan reflecting your mission for the firm.
  • Help you implement the strategies required to reach your objectives.
  • Teach you communication strategies that foster client loyalty.





We help you attract more clients and get your law firm noticed.

We work with you to:

  • Analyze your current marketing materials and competitors.
  • Create a differentiation strategy to compete in your legal industry.
  • Enhance your perceived authority in your legal field.
  • Design and develop strategic alliances.
  • Broaden your client demographic.
  • Become a sought after speaker in your legal field.
  • Use the media as a powerful marketing tool.
  • Create a client experience that will inspire them to send you referrals.
  • Teach you client follow up strategies.



We help you project a professional image on the web and communicate with new potential clients.

We work with you to:

  • Create a distinct and effective web presence for yourself and your law firm.
  • Differentiate your law firm online.
  • Develop and implement a social networking plan (ie. Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc).
  • Educate you on social networking and social media strategies to communicate. with a bigger pool of potential clients.
  • Identify, structure, and develop strategic alliance relationships on the web.
  • Create a web site that serves as an effective marketing tool- It communicates clearly and converts sales.
  • Audit your existing website (ie. Usability, search engine optimization, keywords, Google rank placement, broken links, persuasion effect).
  • Optimize your existing website and develop content.
  • Design Newsletter and client alerts for continued communication with your current and future clients.
  • Develop an internet video campaign and podcast show that enhances your legal and professional authority.





  1. Specialization. We are lawyers and specialize in law firm consulting. I am a lawyer who has owned my own law firm. I’ve walked in your shoes and know the specific issues that we face on a regular basis.
  2. Relationship. We work with you and your staff as part of your team. Your success is our goal. We understand the problems you face from first hand experience and see enhancing your success as our sole job.  
  3. Flexibility.  Your budget can fluctuate throughout the year. This is why we provide a variety of ways to work together- in person and via phone and internet and options ranging from comprehensive packages including training, implementation, and being “marketing department” to a la carte services. We also work on a retainer basis for your comfort.
  4. Vision. This company’s main focus is on helping you feel more fulfillment in the law by getting more clients, more profits, and more free time.  We help you do what you already do better.
  5. Flat fee billing. As you know handling billable hours can take a lot of time from your day. Our focus is always on getting things done for you. Hence, we don’t believe in spending precious time preparing our billable hour statements. We don’t charge you per hour. We charge you as: A. Flat Monthly Fee Retainer or B. Flat Project Fee.

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