Sonia Gallagher is available for Radio, Television, Print Media, and Podcast interviews. She also conducts public speaking nationwide.

Sonia has experience with various forms of media. She has worked with print media on a local and national level, Television, Radio, and Podcasting.

Sonia is available for interviews on topics related to the following:

  1. Law Firm Marketing on a Shoe String Budget
  2. Creating marketing equity online
  3. Connecting with your target demographic
  4. Leveraging your network
  5. Differentiating your law firm
  6. Positioning yourself as an authority in your legal field.

Sonia is an attorney who having owned her own law firm, learned the essential strategies needed to rise above the competition, differentiate herself as an authority in the legal field she practiced, and connect with her target demographic. She now works with other solo and small law firm owners teaching them the same strategies to grow their law firms.  Sonia is full of very powerful information, charismatic, and energetic.  She enjoys being interviewed and is easy to reach.

If you are looking for a speaker, special guest, or interviewee, contact Sonia or go ahead and schedule an interview now.

We invite you to download our attached full-color media kit.

Download Full Kit

Click on the below titles to download PDF documents from our media kit:

  • One Page Overview of Time for Life, LLC
  • Professional Bio: Sonia Gallagher, Esq.
  • Who are Time for Life, LLC Clients?
  • Key Ways We Work With Clients
  • Press Release-Successful Lawyer Runs Away from the Law
  • 15 Questions that Time for Life Can Answer

If you are interested in a media interview with Sonia Gallagher, Esq., call us at 1-954-603-1242 or schedule an interview.

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